Haunts Of Owensboro



Daviess County, Kentucky was formed from Ohio County. It was created on 1815.
Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident.

On Jan. 4, 1865, the courthouse at Owensboro, occupied by Union troops, was burned by guerrillas. The records of all county offices were saved by the respective officers. No records were lost in a courthouse fire on 4 Jan 1865 CAPTAIN WILLIAM DAVISON was the guerrillas Captain who ordered the assault on the courthouse.

The legend goes that a couple Union soldiers lost their live defending the courthouse! Some say they still protect the outside of the Courthouse today! In the back of the Courthouse there stands the lynching tree! Mr. Wolfe will tell you about the document lynching that took place near this tree! Inside of the Courthouse has its share of ghost! Including a restless spirit that lurks in the hall on the second floor! This and many more stories awaits you at this very haunted place!



Come and check out this very Haunted house on my ghost tours!!! There has been a couple investagations here at this Historic place! They did catch pics, Emf readings, video, and audio!


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