The Gilliam/Hopkins house was built in 1895 by Dr. Gilliam. He lived in it for a number of years. Numerous other people lived in this house down through the years. A historical fact is that Rainy Bethea was renting a room out there before he committed his gruesome murder in another house! He was the last person to be publicly hanged in America and it happened in Owensboro, Ky. on Aug 14th 1936!

There is a story about a lady in a white Victorian gown that goes down the stairs at a certain time every night!!! There are many other stories with that old house too, but you'll have to take the tour!! We did an investigation there once and got more than we bargain for. Our E.M.F.'s went crazy in weird spots and we caught a few E.V.P.s, one of which said, "NO ESCAPE"!!!! So to hear more, come and check out my tour!!!


Come and check out this very Haunted house on my ghost tours!!! We did do an investigation at this house in July 09. We had our E.M.F's go off a lot in this old house. We caught some really good ghost orbs! Also one of the ghost hunters caught an E.V.P. that said, "NO ESCAPE"!!!  Below you will see some photographs from our recent visit there, along with some E.V.P.'s we caught along the way.  ENJOY!

Photographic Images: