Trinity Church, Theatre Workshop is registered as an historic landmark. Built in 1875, it is the oldest example of Gothic architecture is Western Kentucky. As well known as one of the most Haunted spots in the Tri State! Today it is a Theatre where they hold plays, Theatre groups, and other special events! Come and check out a show here and you'll might see more than just the play!!!

One reason why its reported one of the most Haunted spots in the tri-state is, a young priest lived next door with his daughter. His daughter was dating a young man who her father disapproved of. Late one night the daughter came to her father with dreadful news. She told her father she was pregnant. He was so disappointed in her, he told her he never wanted to see her again and sent her away. So the story goes that night she went insane because of the horrible word her father said! She ran up to the bell tower and hung herself. Her father was so sad he to killed himself in the basement. With what nobody knows. To this day lights are said to go on and off constantly, the bell rings when there isn't a bell anymore, coldness out of nowhere surrounds you, and even recently a women claimed to have seen the young girl standing in a window holding her neck!!! There so many more stories to tell including a haunted chair! But, you'll have to take the tour to hear the rest! Take the special Theatre Workshop tour (Go to tour page for info) where you'll go inside of this haunted place. Or take the Regular tour ( go to tour info page for info) where you'll here more stories inside and out of this haunted place!!!


We have had investigations in this place in the past and caught many evidence! Including pics, audio, and emf readings! We now allow people stay all night for a price. So call for reservations to get into this place. 

Photographic Images:








Around the 6 second mark it says "Wait"


This is the creepiest thing I've ever heard!! It says a prayer something something then House around 22 seconds

On the 13 mark it says my name David

Audible footsteps stage left


Around the 7 second mark it says "Get Out" real low!!!


Right on the 12 second mark it says "HELP" this is in the basement where the priest killed himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on the 9 second mark, it says "HI"


on the 11 second mark you can hear Julie and on top of her voice it says "OUT"


Around the 8 second mark it says "HELP"


This is a Ovilus that says Demon and me saying don't say that ha ha!!  Around the 7 second mark